The Western Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association (WAMEA) is an organization equipping its members with the knowledge and professionalism which distinguishes the occupation of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) in the aviation industry.

Our Association

The Western AME Association is one of five similar associations across Canada, the others being the Atlantic, Ontario, Central and Pacific associations. These associations represent regional interests as well as concerns of national importance.

The Canadian Federation of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Associations (CFAMEA) is a national body which is supported and financed by all the regional associations and which represents the associations at the national level.

The Western AME Association is run by a volunteer group of AMEs who are elected by the member AMEs to the Board of Directors. The membership is comprised of AMEs, non-licensed personnel working in the industry, students and apprentices as well as corporate members.

A separate committee, under the auspices of the association, runs an annual symposium/workshop. This workshop is a two-day event which features speakers on a variety of related topics, as well as an industry tradeshow with over fifty booths from various companies, suppliers, manufacturers and other organizations. Attendance at this and our various other smaller workshops may be counted towards the recurrent training requirements required by Transport Canada.

Purpose & Objectives

The purpose and objectives of this association are to:

  1. promote and protect the profession of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.
  2. develop, maintain and improve representation and consultation with regulatory bodies that affect or may affect the profession of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.
  3. represent the views and objectives of the membership of the Association.
  4. promote and develop the knowledge, skill and proficiency of the profession of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer through education, publication and research.
  5. cooperate and associate with groups, associations and organizations on matters of mutual interest.
  6. promote honorable practices among the membership and between persons in the aviation industry.

The Association is non-union, non-sectarian and non-partisan.

Board Of Directors

Each year, the two-year terms of several Board members expire, and an election is held to replace them. WAMEA is seeking names of members whom you think would be effective members of the Board. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors or would like to nominate a candidate, please fill out a nomination form and follow the instructions on the form.

WAMEA Board Nomination Form 2020

  • President: Greg Andersen
  • Vice President: Colin Mann
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Vic Chaudhary
  • Past President: Jarrah Elhalabi
  • Director: Kirk Watson
  • Director: Zoltan Zubko
  • Director: Amanda Bounds
  • Director: Darren Cassel

Max Ward Aviation Maintenance Award

AN AVIATION MAINTENANCE award dedicated to the exemplary pioneer spirit, commitment, dedication and overall contribution to high standards of aviation maintenance and the unique special attitudes required to successfully meet and overcome all challenges. 

Know a candidate who fits this description? Submit the below nomination form to the WAMEA office.

WAMEA - Max Ward Aviation Award - 2020 Nomination Form